Monday, January 25, 2016

What To Do With That Mantel!

Just like the rest of the house, dismantling the mantel after the holidays leaves a big hole in my decorating scheme. I miss the warmth of the greenery, the glow of the lights and candles - and just the general fullness (is that a design term?) they bring to the living and family rooms. So when the decorations go, I'm looking for something that brings in the beauty of the winter without feeling stark or cold.

For me, that means less color but reflective surfaces, something that mimics the light from the sun coming off the snow. While I'm not a great fan of mirrors on the mantels, now might be the time to use one. And perhaps include something reminiscent of the bare tree branches.

I stay away from a lot of color, other than the whites, silvers, grays, and perhaps icy blues of the winter landscape. And that includes any artwork. I'm fortunate to have a beautiful winter photo my husband took that looks stunning against the fieldstone of the of the living room fireplace. Appropriate greenery can be nice, such as evergreens (not the swags or trees of Christmas, but something that doesn't scream "holiday") or perhaps Narcissus or Amaryllis.

And, of course, a lit fire. What brings warmth to the house like the glow of the fireplace on a cold winter's night. Maybe I can wait just a little longer for spring.

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