Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Spring: Less of This, More of That

In spring my decorating changes just a little bit. Okay, maybe a lot . . . but there are definitely some easy changes I (and anyone) can make that signify the changing of the seasons.

Start with less soft texture. The cuddly throws, pillows, and quilts go, to be replaced with smoother, lighter fabrics.

More (brighter) colors. The dark and cozy colors of the winter are replaced with turquoise, orange, yellows - whatever bright colors you love.

Less "stuff". Remove rugs, take out a piece or two of furniture, remove some accessories, and lighten the mantel.

Pier 1
More plants and flowers. Use in place of the inside accessories as well as outside on porches and decks.

Less formality. Take away the dining room centerpiece, the pretty candles in crystal holders, and the dressy cocktail table decorations.

More casual entertaining. Keep colorful melamine dishes ready for impromptu dinners outside. Light the night with candles in hurricanes and fresh cut flowers from the garden.

It's time to relax . . . loosen your schedule and your lifestyle. Enjoy the ease the warm weather brings!