Thursday, November 15, 2018

Who Doesn't Love a Thanksgiving Table?

I have to admit . . . Thanksgiving may be my favorite holiday. I take the entire week off so I can plan and cook - regardless of how many people will be around the table. It's such a great day of sharing food, drinks, laughter, without the drama of Christmas (which I also celebrate).

And a big part of the fun is setting the table. Although my "theme" usually revolves around the fall, there are still so many ways to bring in different looks and colors. Pumpkins are very often front and center. And why not? There are so many different ways to incorporate them into your table setting. I particularly love them as vases, but they can also hold candles or name tags, be painted or covered in fabrics, or just simply be.

The table can also be very simple if that's what you prefer, with the focus on the food and guests. The first Thanksgiving was rustic, so why shouldn't yours have some of the same elements?  Dish towels as napkins, a burlap runner, scattered pumpkins, pears, and apples and you have a simple, beautiful setting.

Or what about a combination? Muted tones, a more formal runner, burlap napkins, and rustic candles set into pretty florals can all work very well together to create a casually elegant look for you and your guests.

And don't forget the kids! If you want them to sit patiently while the adults dine, make sure they have things to do at their table. A craft paper tablecloth with crayons ensures they will be happy through dessert and beyond!

Whatever you decide to do this Thanksgiving just make sure you focus on the thanks . . . because that's what it's all about.

Happy Thanksgiving!