Tuesday, November 7, 2017

FUNctional Home Offices

More and more of us are working from home offices, at least part of the week. And while this may seem a strange time of year to write a post about home offices (isn't everyone focused on the holidays?), year-end is a great time to spend a little time and energy getting ready for the new one. And having an office that works for you - and that you also love - is a great goal.

Country Living
As any good designer knows, you have to start with function. Otherwise the pretty part doesn't matter. And in a home office that means a work space large enough to accommodate your work, a comfortable chair, effective storage systems, and good lighting. But as long as all of these function as you need them to, bring on the pretty!

Make it your "style". Prefer a shabby chic look, surrounded by things that inspire you? Do it! Prefer a more industrial look? Make it yours!  Prefer something more traditional? Who says you can't have it!
William Sonoma

Just a few added suggestions. If you aren't fortunate enough to have a beautiful window view, make sure what you see every time
you look up is something that makes you smile, inspires you, or motivates. Beautiful artwork, photos of loves ones, your favorite cartoon - you choose.

Piant it a color that works for you and your work. If you are high energy and need to slow down a bit when you're in your office, a soothing blue/gray might be the color for you. Need more energy when you're in your office so you don't go for that afternoon nap? What about a hot pink? Don't worry about what anyone else thinks. This is your space, your working environment, and it should reflect you. And make going to work every day a whole lot more fun.