Friday, March 16, 2012

Spring Colors and Trends

I am absolutely LOVING the spring colors! They are so bright and refreshing - and look so good together, even when used in less traditional pairings. And color blocking is back in a big way, which is really a lot of fun.

Benjamin Moore is doing some fun things with combinations. Try this Peony with Ashwood Gray combination. And even though as those of you who may have taken a class with me know, blue is not a favorite, Brazilian Blue with DaVinci's Canvas is stunning. French Lilac paired with Englewood Cliffs is subtle, but lovely.

If you're looking for something a bit brighter, Pantone has selected Tangerine Tango as the 2012 Color of the Year. Used with off-white and dark brown as Lauren Guarcello of Porter Design Company did in this photo, it's stunning! If you're using a strong color like this, it's a great idea to ground it with neutrals. The color stands out without overwhelming the room.

Accessories are a great way to bring in splashes of color - and what better accessory than pillows! If you haven't seen the new, colorful look of JC Penney, you've really missed something. (Just get over your dislike of the TV ad with the woman yelling - it's really worth it.) They have a wide range of colorful pillows that will add an instant update to any color scheme. Click through the possibilities here.

Of course there are plenty of other accessories you can incorporate for an even more subtle punch of color. Lamps and lamp shades, vases, and pottery all can add color in strategic locations. And you don't have to build a color scheme around them, but simply use them for punch.  And don't forget nature! Spring flowers give us a delightful show of colors both indoors and out. Bring in tulips, daffodils, forsythia, flowering quince, or one of the many other beautiful blooms available at this time of year. And the best thing about flowers? You can add a new color every week to your home!