Monday, February 19, 2018

Pink Isn't Just for Girls

Pink has come a long way. No longer the girly-girl color of the past, pink has stepped into the sophisticated world of the fashion runway, business offices, and edgy new restaurants. Which means it can be used in any room in the house - as long as you choose the right pink and pair it with other colors and furnishings to give a WOW factor.

House Beautiful
Often considered a bedroom color (if it is considered at all), it works well in living rooms with vintage furniture, where it can look like a red that has faded over time.

Architectural Digest
But don't throw it out of the bedroom yet. Paired with straight lines in both furniture and fabric prints, it brings a softness to the room. And it doesn't hurt that it flatters many skin tones.

Afraid of being overwhelmed? Then use it as an accent color. Picking up the pink from a piece of art and using it in pillows or other accessories can certainly make a statement.

The bottom line? Don't be afraid of pink, especially when you use it in all new ways. You may just be surprised!