Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Winter Bedrooms

Nothing is better during the winter than settling into a nice cozy bed - in a nice cozy bedroom. Although I'm a believer in the sanctity of the bedroom at any time of year, it becomes even more important during the cold winter nights which are almost upon us.

Courtesy BHG
Many of my clients consider their bedrooms last in their decorating priority list. But I encourage them to at the very least consider easy, cost-effective changes to make this an inviting sanctuary at the end of the day.

One of the easiest changes is layering. Use a white quilt - no duvet cover is even necessary. Cover it with a lighter weight coverlet to add color and interest. Or fold a beautiful blanket at the end of the bed for additional warmth as needed.Add a wool throw pillow and you're ready for chilly nights!

Courtesy BHG
If you prefer a colorful duvet, it can be easy to make. Simply sew two sheets together on three sides and add velcro or pretty ribbon ties on the fourth to keep it together. Fold it at the end of the bed or use it as a spread for a pretty, colorful change.

Courtesy BHG
But don't stop with the bedding. What about adding a soft, textured cover to the bedside table?This may be in the living room, but it would still be at home next to the bed.

And of course, there are a flokati rug will add coziness, a bit of a warm, dramatic color, soft lighting, candles......you get the idea. For more winter bedroom inspiration, check out my new board on Pinterest.