Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The Decorations Are Down......Now What?

I realize there's still a week to go before Christmas - and two for New Years. But I'm already not happy about the holiday decorations coming down. All the beautiful lights, shiny baubles, gorgeous trees.......and then the bleakness of winter. But there are a few ways I have found to combat the blues that come with January. In case you feel the same way, you might try a couple of these ideas.

One of my favorites is to bring nature inside. Of course, this is often a decorating strategy for the
holidays as well.So keep those pine cones in a beautiful bowl on the coffee table - and add some fresh evergreen. Or fill an apothecary jar with nuts, pine cones, cranberries or even pieces of bark for the dining table or on the mantel.

 While lights on a ficus may not be the answer, what about keeping bare branches decorated? Cut them from your yard, place them on the floor or the mantel, and line
them with white lights or silver balls for a beautiful effect, sure to warm the winter.

And just because Christmas is gone doesn't mean your wreath has to be. Substitute the holiday wreath with one made from herb leaves for look and smell to last through the winter. Not to mention the wonderful cooking opportunities!

So don't let the end of the holidays end your creative decorating. Keep the winter warm and inviting with a few of nature's gifts!