Thursday, July 24, 2014

Cool Summer Decorating

While summer is lovely, sometimes as we go into August the heat of can be oppressive. Unless you have a great vacation home or live on the water, you may feel hot, cranky, and just plain unmotivated. And all those great backyard get-togethers? I don't know about you but they lose a bit of their appeal on the really hot dog days of summer.So I've found a few things that help keep me cool, helping me enjoy those wonderful, relaxing, slow time of the year.

I've found having a water element nearby is very helpful. It may be something as simple as a birdbath, so you can take delight in the birds as they splash in their "pool". And you can make it a fun project by following instructions provided by HGTV. Who wouldn't feel cooler with one of these cuties in their backyard? And you might consider taking it a step further and putting in an outdoor shower for your own use. You can purchase kits in the camping section of your local sporting goods store. A great way to wash away the heat of the day!

 Since evenings are usually cooler, set up your porch or patio so you can enjoy them as the light fades. You can keep things simple by putting candles in mason chairs with a little sand to keep them straight, then putting them everywhere to light the night. Or  you can go all-out and bring out the, lamps, rugs, pillows......whatever it takes to make you want to relax in the night air.And you may find that it feels so good, you might just invite a few of the neighbors over for a cool drink.