Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Is Now the Time to Paint?

After the  holidays, our decorating often focuses on filling in the bare spots left by the removal of our holiday decorations. What about taking into consideration the paint colors on our walls? While we may not think winter is the time to paint interiors, with the wonderful variety of low and no VOC paints, there is very little odor involved. So you don't need to spend time in your beautiful new space inhaling paint fumes. And now you also have the help of a lot of websites, including Benjamin Moore. With their Color Stories, you can see a variety of tints and shades of colors you love put together in a beautiful gallery. Look at these gorgeous blues!

Color Pizzazz
Neutral Nuance

Sherwin Williams also designs Color Palettes for different styles of homes and lives. Here's their beautiful take on an upbeat passion for life called Color Pizzazz. Or if you prefer something a bit calmer, check out Neutral Nuance.

And there are plenty more colors, ideas, and websites to help you with your choices. What's important is that you love the colors surrounding you - and the paint colors you choose are a big part of that. So have fun - and make the colors surrounding you a reflection of you!