Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A Few Things To Love About Summer

Here are a few of my favorite summertime decorating ideas.......

Pretend you live on the beach - even if you live in Nebraska! Go ahead and display sea shells. Make a statement with one or an impact with a collection. Place them throughout your bookshelves, on your mantel, or in a glass cylinder. Glue them to cover the frame of a mirror. Switch your artwork for something with a nautical theme. It could be a painting, a photo, or something creative like a fish net with glass buoys or a ship's wheel. Use beach towels in place of regular towels.

Decorate with flowers - everywhere! Pots of course belong outside on the deck, the patio, the front steps, the front porch. But don't stop there - bring them inside. Get rid of the brown, leggy houseplants and replace them with flowers. Use pretty pots that add splashes of color to your rooms and coordinate with the colors of the flowers. Don't have a green thumb? Then bring in cut flowers from your yard, the nursery or even the grocery store. Fill a vase with the same flowers, create a beautiful mix, or simply place a single bloom in a glass. Mix with candles for a beautiful tabletop arrangement. Or place a simple arrangement by the bed in the guestroom for an inviting welcome.

And make sure lighting plays a part. Whether it's candlelight, torchlight, string lights, candeliers..........they will all add beauty and ambiance to your home, whether indoors or out. And relax and enjoy the company of family and friends during this beautiful time of year.