Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Spruce Up for Spring

Although these tips are designed for people who are putting their homes on the market, for those of us who aren't moving, they can give us a much needed lift!

1)     Clearly delineate the front walkway – and make sure everyone enters through the front door. Sweep clean and repair or replace any part of the walkway that is broken or cracked.

      2)     As soon as possible add fresh mulch to flowerbeds. Pots of pansies by the front door are also very inviting. Consider putting them on the back deck as well, even if it’s a little too early to set up the outdoor furniture.

3)     Consider power washing the exterior of your house. Even in mild winters like this exteriors gather a lot of dirt.

4)     Engage the nose as soon as the front door is opened. Windows and doors have been kept closed for a while and houses may begin to smell stuffy. Drop essential oils in citrus scents on light bulbs and turn them on. Stay away from chemical scents found in air fresheners and plug-ins.

5)    Clean windows both inside and out and leave window treatments open to let in the light. If the view is bad, add sheers that will still let in the light but hide the view. If bushes have grown to cover the windows, cut them back so the windows are unobstructed.

6)     If you’ve been using your fireplace this winter, have it professionally cleaned. Also clean the surround of smoke residue. Leave a couple of white birch logs on the grate.
7)     Consider removing rugs to showcase beautiful floors. Keep mats outside of doors for people to wipe their feet, but remove all of those inside that have been placed to collect winter grime. Consider removing heavy wool area rugs and replacing with a lighter look such as sisal – or remove them all together.

8)     Remove heavier accent fabrics and darker colors on things such as pillows, throws,
and bedding and replace with lighter colors
and fabrics. Just don't overdo it (unless you're
staying). You don't want to distract potential
buyers with too much pattern and color so they forget to notice the house.

9)     Remove clutter that tens to gather as we live indoors through the winter. Put away books, magazines, holiday residue, and anything that may be left over from the long, cold months.

10)  Don't forget the garage and basement. We tend to store things haphazardly during winter months, so now is the time to pack and purge.