Thursday, May 18, 2017

Flea Market Style

I think there used to be a magazine by that name . . . maybe there still is. But rather than sharing the best flea markets or how to spot the best flea market finds, the "style" I'm referring to is the actual shopping style you use . . . the one that makes sure you come home with only those things that are truly important to you.

And of course flea market time is upon us. So (surprise, surprise) I have a few suggestions . . .

First, if at all possible make a list of things you are interested in buying. Want to add to your collection of Fiesta ware? Write down specifics - color, type, style - that will enable you to focus on what you want. And not come home with duplicates or something that just doesn't work.

If it's not a specific item you need, but something of a certain color or shape or size for a specific place, then be open. But if you find something that's close but just not quite right, pass it by. You really won't be happy with it.

Have a budget. Know just how much you are willing to spend. And stick to it!

Don't get distracted by that one shiny object. If you see something you must have, walk away from it. Sure, there's a chance it might not be there when you get back. But step away anyhow and really think about it. Does buying this piece mean your budget is gone? Make sure you're okay with that. Do you have a place for it? If
not, can you find a place for it? Will you use it? (I'm sorry but I'm not sold on the idea that if you love it you'll find a home for it. I've worked in too many homes that have too much stuff or stuff that just doesn't work.) If it's still calling your name, buy it. But still stick with your budget. And make sure you find the perfect place for it in your home.

Oh yeah . . . and just have fun! Enjoy the weather, the food vendors, chatting with the vendors. Flea markets are a fabulous way to spend a summer day!