Thursday, February 6, 2014

Wallpaper - It's Back!

And while I wasn't sure about really wanting it back initially, I'm slowly being won over by some of the beautiful textures and patterns available - as well as unique places to put it.

Jute has always been a favorite of mine in floor coverings, but these beautiful colors for wall coverings would really add interest to a family room, a bathroom, or a child's bedroom.

Or what about the shiny texture of this wallpaper that comes from - wait for it - glass beads! Shiny and metallic finishes are quite popular and can do wonderful things with with lighting. Imagine the beauty of a dining room chandelier in a room with a metallic-finished wall covering!

If  you're considering wallpaper, pay close attention to pattern and scale as it relates to the room. Large scale patterns on all four walls can overwhelm a room, but may add just the right touch on the focal wall. If the wallpaper is delicate, it may be a good choice for a powder room, but not such a good choice for going up the stairs.

If you prefer a smaller scale print, it might get lost in a large room, especially when seen from a distance. Better to keep small scales in smaller spaces such as powder rooms and laundry rooms.

Hanging wallpaper can be a bit tricky. Walls may not be plumb, which means the seams won't align. Figuring out how much you need can also be difficult, particularly with intricate patterns. And some of the beautiful looks of today require exact hanging and measuring. It's usually a good idea to leave the measuring and hanging to a professional.

If you're still not convinced that wallpapering a room or even a wall is a good idea, what about the back of a bookshelf or inside the kitchen cabinets? Go as bold as you like and enjoy the pizzazz it adds to your home - just in smaller doses.

Interesting in seeing more wallpaper ideas? Then check out my latest board on Pinterest and see what you think.