Tuesday, August 25, 2015

How Can I Make These Go Together?

This is the top question I've been asked by my clients in recent weeks. It seems we all have things we have collected, inherited, been gifted, or purchased at different times in our lives that we just plain love. Or at least like and are not quite ready or able to part with for whatever reason. So this means we may have quite an interesting mix of colors, fabrics, textures, or styles that need to work together in a room. 
This neutral palette and repeat of shapes makes a very cohesive
and comforting room.
And there's really no secret to making that happen. Simply find a common denominator or two to pull it all together. That could be something as big as carrying a fabric through a room on two very different chairs, with perhaps a throw pillow or two on the sofa. Or keeping the basic palette neutral (think floors, walls, large furniture), with perhaps a small touch of color - or lots of color. Either way, the room feels very pulled together.

The white walls, flooring, sofa, and dining chairs
are the perfect backdrop for the color, making
all the furniture "go" together.

Despite being very different styles, the furniture
in this room works because it's all the same color.
And of course painting the furniture, or refinishing it so the finishes blend works. It's amazing how different furniture styles can suddenly work when they are the same color.

So if it works for you, make it work in the room - with just a few simple tricks!