Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Design "Rules"

I really dislike talking about the "rules" of design. But I realized there are a few things I do consider important - keeping in mind of course they may not work for everyone. So I'll call them suggestions - Ann's Suggestions.

Similar sofas......

Two different looks
First, choose a neutral sofa. That doesn't mean boring. But a sofa may live through a few incarnations of a room, so select one that will transition easily. That means a "neutral" color that will go with different colors over time. And a fabric that will do the same as well as go with different styles, should you decide to shake things up a bit.

Second, stop listening to those other voices in your head, telling you what you "should" do. Just because your mother loves it, or your best friend, doesn't mean you have to. Does your mom see beautiful red accents in the room? You really prefer orange and yellow, but maybe she's right....she isn't. Go with what you love. As long as you're using it for accents, you will be fine! And much happier.

Too much black? Keep just the mirror.
And finally, a touch of black really can be grounding. A little or a lot, it adds not only grounding but sophistication.

Enough of "rules", although maybe there are a few more to come .. .