Friday, March 3, 2017

How About a Little Spring?

Even though today is quite chilly in the northeast, the warm-up has begun. It's quite early, but it's definitely here. The sun hasn't quite come into its spring position in the sky, but it's still bright. And that makes me want to bring spring inside.

Quite frankly I get tired of all the articles about changing paint colors for spring, or fabrics, or overall color schemes. Most of us don't have the time or money to make such big changes every season. Nor are we interested in doing that. Sure, we can bring in a floral pillow, but the colors need to go with what we have going on in the room.

Having said that, I do like to bring in spring in easy, inexpensive ways. And of course flowers fit the bill. It's very easy to pick up a spring bouquet, put it in a pretty vase, and voila! But doing something a little different can be even more fun. Force a forsythia branch to flower (or other favorite early spring bloomer), put some beautiful spring bulbs in a pretty container. Or better  yet, make an arrangement with a variety of bulbs for a big pop of color. (Hyacinth, early blooming daffodils, or scilla are beautiful and easy.)

Don't just think inside. Clean off the front porch. Put the snow shovel away - or at least  hide somewhere. Chances are you won't need it very much anymore this season. And if you have porch furniture, add a little softness and color. I always put an outdoor pillow and a throw on the rocking chairs I have on my front porch. It may be a little early to spend much time out there, but it looks inviting and always brings a smile to my face (and to our visitors, I hope). An indoor/outdoor rug is also a great idea - and shouldn't
suffer too much from the exposure.

And finally, clean your windows. I know, I know. This is my least favorite spring ritual. But it makes such a difference. As the sun shines brighter through our windows, it's so much nicer to open the draperies, raise the shades, and enjoy the light streaming in. Before long, we'll be able to enjoy it on the outside!