Monday, April 14, 2014

What Makes a Desk?

Since reading Jennifer Hofmann's blog post from a few days ago about using tables as desks I've become mildly obsessed. I've also heard from a number of you that you also use a table in place of a desk. It makes sense for those of us who need a little more space. But I've really decided I love them just for their looks.

Courtesy HGTV
As an example, this one wouldn't work for me because of the size. But what a perfect desk for home use! If you do need a bit more space, a larger table like this would work just fine. With wonderful wireless technology, you can place it in the middle of the room so it really makes a statement.

Courtesy HGTV
I also love the idea of using a dining table as a desk. Keep it in the dining room so it has can still host holiday dinners. But use it the rest of the time as your desk. Or if you're lucky enough to have a great office space, a dining table still works very well. This is a great look - complete with dining chairs!

And finally, I'm a huge fan of sawhorse desks. I love the lines of the legs and the overabundance of space on top. I love that they are a contemporary look but can be used in a more traditional setting, like this one from William Sonoma. I love that the tops can be wood, or formica, or glass, or whatever flat surface that you choose. I love that you can even make one yourself if your so inclined.

Bottom line: think creatively yet practically  when it comes to your desk space. Tables of all shapes and sizes work very well in place of traditional desks. Just make sure you have the storage space you need elsewhere, then have fun!

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