Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Make It Easy On Yourself

I'd put that to music if I could figure out how to do that on a blog. But that's my motto for summertime. Yes, I still like having guests over. And that usually means drinks and at least snacks, if not a meal. So I want everything to look pretty and be comfortable. But the difference is everything moves outside rather than inside, already making things easier. And clean-up is a snap!

Photo courtesy Pottery Barn
Still I do keep a few indoor "rules". There are nice conversation areas on the porch and deck with plenty of comfortable seating and candles for nighttime ambiance. There are plenty of pillows as well as throws for the cooler evenings. Storage for extras like blankets and games as well as for rainy days is available in a pretty wicker-look weather-proof deck box. I'm lucky to have a porch so rainy days don't force us inside. But screened gazebos work just as well.

Pier 1
One thing I love to do is go a little crazy with color. Indoors there are wall colors and the flow from room to room. Plus you have to live with it all the time. Outdoors is all about fun. So choose colors that make you happy.

I do love a rug. And lighting in the form of candles and string lights is a must. Accessories are simple and often come directly from nature. Think pretty pots of annuals or vases of flowers from the garden.

Because easy is what it's all about. I have a stash of pretty melamine plates and glasses that are indestructible and right by the kitchen door. The huge pitcher for lemonade or margaritas is easily accessible. I use pretty dish towels in place of napkins so who cares what happens to them?

And even the food is easy. I have the pizza restaurant just down the street on speed-dial and an assortment of yummy Trader Joe's prepared appetizers in the freezer. The basement refrigerator is stocked with soft drinks, wine and soda (love those spritzers!), beer, and margarita mix.

So yes, I still care about how everything looks. And I want to make sure my guests are comfortable. But without all the fussiness of indoor entertaining. Now if only I had a pool . . .