Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Who Has Enough Dining Chairs?

Real Simple
With the holidays upon us, dining tables often expand . . . but unfortunately, the number of dining chairs stays the same. That means we use mis-matched chairs from other rooms, bring out the folding chairs, or even use chairs from our outdoor dining set. But with a beautifully decorated table, it's nice to have pretty chairs as well - which really is possible with a little creativity.

Of course if the extra chairs you are using are pretty, it's perfectly fine to mix and match. In fact, that can add interest to the setting. Pretty wicker chairs from outside look right at home when brought inside. Using matching wingbacks or other upholstred chairs at the ends of the table add an elegant look. Even bringing in a bench from the entry or a loveseat from the living room works well.

But for those times when that's just not possible and it's really a chair menagerie, it may take a little more work for a pretty look. If the chairs are similar enough in some ways (size, color, style), wrap a large ribbon around the back where it meets the seat. Tie a pretty bow, attach a sprig of something festive from the outdoors such as holly or winter berries, and you're done.

And if they are very different? You may need to cover a bit more of the chair. Slipcovers will of course do that. While they can be a bit pricey (especially if they are custom), it's easy to make your own. Buy inexpensive fabric (painters' cloth from the hardware store looks great and cleans easily), cut large enough to cover the entire chair to the floor, then wrap the ribbon the same way. If you have rough edges on the fabric use fabric glue to hem them.

Or to keep it really simple, use one long piece of fabric (table runners would work or cut your own) and cover the entire front and back of the chair, leaving the sides open. Use the ribbon idea above to keep it secure or attach ribbons on either side for pretty ties.

Whatever you do, remember it isn't about the chairs. It's about the joys of sharing your home with family and friends. And that's what they will remember.