Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Too Much Fall Decorating?

Sometimes it may seem that when fall comes around, we hear the same old things about decorating for fall.....but I say, keep it comin'! I love the fall and never tire of hearing new (and old) ideas of how to bring it into my home. Here are a few you may enjoy....
  • Have you ever heard of pumpkin on a stick? Me either! But how cute they are - and something a little different in fall decorating. (I found them at the farmer's market.)
  • As the days get darker, make sure you have plenty of light inside. Change your light bulbs to the highest wattage your lamps will take. But use 3-way if possible so you can turn them down for cozy fall evenings. And install a dimmer switch on chandeliers in the dining room and foyer.
  • If you like the brightness of the lamps, but still want the room to feel cozy, place tea lights in simple containers around the room. Even
  • with the lamps lit, the candlelight will create a soft glow in the room.
  • I know you know this one, but change your pillows in lighter fabrics for those more appropriate to the season. You don't have to change the colors (unless you want to), just the fabric. Try chenille or velvet for a cozy fall look.
  • And you knew I'd have to add a pumpkin idea or two.....so how about this? Use small pumpkins or gourds in a vase to keep the stems in place. Use them in place of decorative marbles or polished stone.
  • Or use them as plate stands to hold platters of food during your Thanksgiving (or fall celebration) buffet table.