Monday, June 23, 2014

Where Should the Money Be Spent?

It's getting close to move time! We will be in our new home shortly after the 4th of July. It's been a long while since I moved into a new home........16 years to be exact. I've been implementing suggestions I've used with my clients. And what better way to prove them true! Here are a few I've shared that are also working for me.

First, when buying new upholstered furniture, particularly the largest and most expensive pieces (such as the sofa) stay with neutrals. That means not only a neutral fabric, but also a neutral style. Neutral doesn't have to be borrowing, but it does  have to be something that can easily change as your tastes change. So when you want to change from the mod colors above to something a bit more formal and subdued, you can do so without having to spend a fortune on a new sofa.Or in the room below, plan for when the kids get older and their artwork is replaced by something more adult the sofa will still work. Simply change the coffee table and end table for something a bit more sophisticated and you have a new room - with the old sofa!

Keep window treatments simple. If you need privacy or light control, something classic and practical like Hunter Douglas Silhouettes or the rattan shades in these photos can be used alone. Ready for a change? Add stationery panels in fabrics and colors that give  you the new look and feel you are after. A much less expensive alternative to new custom draperies with all the bells and whistles. And an instant update to the room!

And finally, use area rugs to give you the color and texture you need, but don't spend a fortune. That way when it's time for a change in the style of the room, the rug can be a part of that change - and one you won't feel badly about.