Friday, March 21, 2014

New Purposes for Old Things

As we begin the process of getting our home ready to sell, I've come across some very interesting things. Things that at one time I thought could really be turned into something really cute, or very handy, or at least very different. It's become a bit of a challenge as I remember all the great ideas I had for some of these pieces.And now I really need to get rid of them for the move.

Courtesy Elle Decor
To try to come to terms with this very hard task, I thought I would share with you a few creative uses for old things I've come across, beginning with mason jars. I've had a thing for mason jars ever since going to a restaurant in Houston a million years ago called The Mason Jar, where they served their drinks in - what else? - mason jars. That's certainly one (not particularly creative) idea, but what about this adorable soap dispenser? And of course, there are plenty of others, like votive holders (hold the candle using colored sand in interesting patterns), light fixtures, especially cute when configured as a pendant light), and so many more.
Courtesy BHG

While mason jars are very simple, here's an entire desk with accessories made from repurposed items! From the table-turned-hanging desk, to the kitchen implements as storage and the wired frame as a bulletin board, this desk makes great use of old items.

And not all of the ideas have to be for rustic or country looks. What about using crystal wine glasses as candle holders? Turn them upside down put a pretty flower in the bowl of the glass and a votive on top for an elegant addition to a beautiful dining table. Beautiful bureaus can be turned into elegant bathroom washstands. And on and on and on.

This was probably not a good blog post to write as I'm getting rid of am I supposed to let these things go?

If you would like to see more fun repurposed items, be sure to check out my latest board on Pinterest.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Staging Tips You Can Live With

Spring really is coming......and now is the time many people are getting their homes ready to sell when the snow finally does melt. Many of these houses for sale will still be occupied, which means the home owners must still live in them. Not any easy thing to do when you have kids, pets, jobs and a life.But it is possible to make some changes that will help your home appeal to potential buyers - and also to you while you're still living there.

Begin with paring down. When you move, do you really want to take the boxes you haven't unpacked from the last move? Or the toys the kids have outgrown? The clothes you really (just face it) won't want or be able to wear again? Clean them out now, while the weather doesn't encourage you to go outside. Then enjoy the feeling of spaciousness that comes with less "stuff".

Make a few simple updates. Because we've been stuck inside you may have had the opportunity to look around your house ..... a little too closely. That's okay because now is the time to make a few of those changes that are bugging you. Changes that will also appeal to the next owner. Rooms need a fresh coat of paint? While you may want to wait until you can open the windows at least for a little while (although low VOC paints really don't have much odor at all), go ahead and pick out the colors. Don't play it too safe. White can feel very cold, can show all the fingerprints, and be just plain boring. Consider instead warm neutrals that flow from room to room. I'm a huge fan of the Benjamin Moore Historical Colors. Most are beautiful colors that go with anything.

While you may not want to purchase new furniture, take a look at what you've got. Will you be taking it to the new house? If not, now may be the time to get rid of it. While that may feel empty to you, live with it for a while. You may find less furniture open up the rooms, making them feel more spacious. If not, try rearranging the furniture. Remember the goal is to showcase the house, so a different furniture arrangement may not only make the house feel better, it gives you the opportunity
to showcase features of the house like the fireplace or the view to the backyard.

If the house still feels a little boring, add a few simple touches. Slipcovers may give your tired sofa a boost, new throw pillows may add a bit of pizazz, and a new duvet cover may update your master bedroom. Just remember not to decorate too much. It's the house you're selling not the furnishings!