Thursday, October 11, 2018

It's Fall Already?

Really, I mean it. Where does the time go? While the weather in the northeast may not have been too fall-like, it's very clearly fall. Leaves are changing (albeit slowly). The days are getting shorter. And if I try really hard I can smell that fall smell of gently decaying leaves. It's not cold enough for smoke yet, but still . . .

And it will be over before I know it. So I need some fast decorating ideas so the house will feel fall-like, but I'll still have time to enjoy it. And I
thought you might as well.

One of the easiest ideas I know is to place pumpkins and gourds just about anywhere. Add them on bookshelves along with or in place of other accessories. Pile them in a wooden bowl on the coffee table. Put them in candle holders in place of candles. Pile them on a cake plate under the glass top. You get the idea.

Use pumpkins as vases or candle holders. Carve out a little (for a candle) or a lot (for a vase). The candle should fit right into the hole you've cut. You will need to use another container in the pumpkin, so make sure you've hollowed the pumpkin enough so it will fit. And if you're entertaining, try this clever idea from HGTV for an ice bucket.

Snip mum blossoms (or other seasonal flowers) or branches (with the leaves still on) and place in pretty glass containers. Gather on a tray on a coffee table or dining table. Or place on your mantel for a fall touch.

The bottom line is there are so many simple ways to bring fall into your home. Ways that are easy, often right outside your door - and that ensure you won't miss the season!