Wednesday, December 9, 2015

A Space of Your Own

For those of us whose only office is in our home, having a space of our own to do that is extremely important. But even without working full-time from home, many more of us do at least a part of our work from there, whether it's telecommuting, having a sick child, or simply overtime needs. And that space of our own is still important. It gives us the privacy we need and encourages others (particularly family members) to take us seriously. And it keeps our business from being mixed in with the rest of the family's "things".

But how do you do that if your home is already full - and there just doesn't seem to be any space? Get creative! And that doesn't mean putting a desk in the master bedroom, a very bad idea. Instead, think of space you don't use as effectively as you could or one you could perhaps do without.

In some cases that may be the dining room, which can be a little used room except for the occasional holiday dinners. Why not make it the office, while still keeping it functional as a dining room on those rare occasions you might need it? Pretty shelving, perhaps a chest to hold filing and papers, and a table that can works well as a desk, but converts easily to a dining table may be just the ticket. Casual or formal - either will work.

If you are lucky enough to have a "bonus" space such as a large landing on the
second floor or an extra large hallway, use it! Out in a desk, perhaps a small bookshelf, a cabinet or special built-in for your papers . . . that's all you need to make a space your own.

Courtesy: Country Living
And perhaps the best idea? That closet that does nothing but hold junk can be able into an adorable office, especially if the door will close or it's out of the main living area. You can truly make it your own with lighting, colors, perhaps wallpaper . . . the options are endless.

So use your creativity, both in figuring out the space to use and in designing it. Not only will it give you the office you need, but you'll have fun going to work!