Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Mirrors, Mirrors, Everywhere?

Much as I love mirrors, I've learned to really pay attention to where I hang them. They really do have a function. They can be hung to reflect something pretty, like the light of a beautiful chandelier. (But make sure they don't reflect the people eating.) Or to double the impact of a vase of fresh flowers or it candles.

They  can be hung where they are useful. Bathrooms are the most obvious of these places, but what about entry halls? Isn't it nice to do a quick check before you go out the door? Or perhaps the entry is on the small size. Nothing like a mirror to open up the space and make it feel larger and lighter.

And they can be used as art. But even as art, unless you are doing something fun like this creative grouping from Real Simple, be very careful what the mirror reflects.

Placing mirrors on mantels can be a great idea - as long as the ceiling isn't reflected. And that dining room mirror? Hang it high enough so the chandelier is reflected, but not the diners (unless you aren't sure you have enough to feed everyone). Above the sofa? Maybe.......as long as the main thing you see is yourself - or others - walking by. It may be that an eye-catching piece of art is a better idea.

Want more reflections on mirrors? Check out my board on Pinterest.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Something Different For Fall

I know there are a lot of nice decorating ideas for fall. But sometimes they can seem a bit similar. So I started considering a few things that may bring a little difference to our decorating.

The first I came up with is a different take on a table runner. I love burlap and most of its incarnations, but webbing? Now this is cool! And HGTV gives you instructions on how to make it. 

What about changing the color of traditional fall decorating? Instead of the usual red and gold, what about a deep purple (think cabbages and eggplant), greens of late season peppers and gourds (those can be pretty bright) or even the browns of Indian corn? (Check out for most recent board on Pinterest for a lovely take on a brown and cranberry table setting.)

Another idea: select fall patterns instead of just fabrics for your pillows and throws. Fall fabrics are of course sumptious (although you might consider tweed instead of something more "traditional" like chenille). But a houndstooth pattern has always said fall (and Overstock has plenty of it).

There's also nothing wrong with the tried-and-true at this time of year - just consider a twist on the theme. If you've ever seen pumpkins on a stick (Trader Joe's and Whole Foods always have them at this time of year), they may become a fall decorating staple. And nothing beats traditional pumpkins used in slightly less traditional ways (think vases, candle holders, and serving stands).

The good news is that there are as many decorating ideas for fall as there are leaves on the trees.......so pick your favorites and have fun!
And if you need a little more inspiration, check out my latest board on Pinterest.