Monday, January 4, 2016

Lighting the Darkness

One of the hardest things about the end of the holidays is the lack of light. During the season we have lights everywhere - indoors and out. They are in the front yard, the back yard, on all of the Christmas trees (inside and out), on both mantels, on the staircase roping . . . you get the idea. Several years ago we decided to leave up the back yard lights (that only we can see), calling them winter lights. They stay up through February, when you really can tell the days are longer. But inside has still been a problem - but now I've found solutions!
Apartment Therapy
Lamps Plus
While I will not go the traditional route of putting white lights on a large indoor plant or tree, I do like the idea of white lights on branches. The branches can be large like these and come from the back yard, or smaller, like the kind sold at craft stores for decorating projects. Or use the string lights to create your own wall art tree for a stunning effect.

I like the idea of a curtain of lights. From a few simple strands of star string lights all the way to a puddle-on-the-floor curtain, they certainly keep out the darkness. And the best news? When warm weather comes, hang them on your porch for beautiful summer nights. These beauties are good indoors or out.

Now that's what I call lighting the darkness.


  1. Ann, I love that picture of the "light curtain".

  2. Thank you! I was immediately captivated by that photo myself.