Tuesday, July 23, 2013

What Vacation Will Do For You!

I've spent a little time away from my computer over the past month. Not necessarily from emails, but from social media as well as this blog. I took some vacation time, but also just spent time doing a bit more relaxing - some of it in my own backyard. And those who say this can get the creative juices going were right!

After spending a little time in nature I feel like my color palette was completely refreshed. When I sat in my backyard enjoying the color, I realized how beautifully everything worked.I'm not a photographer, but I hope you can imagine the beauty of the purple Baptisia, the brilliant pink of the coral bells, the yellow of the day lilies, the purple and white iris, all the different shades of green in the vegetation, and even the pale blue-gray of the sky. What about using them in a room?

DesignbyInspiration did just that in this room for HGTV. Sure, the colors are bolder than those usually found in nature (at least all together), but this office would certainly inspire me!

You don't have to be quite so dramatic with the colors to have a colorful room. The addition of colorful pillows, seat cushions, and rug to the white background take this dining room beyond cheery. What a great place to spend some time on your laptop, chatting with your family, or simply lounging on the banquette!
Designer Todd Klein for HB

I know rooms this vivid may not be everyone's cup of tea. But staying open to color choices and combinations at least keep things interesting. Even a spot of unexpected color in, say, a bowl on the table, a single flower stem or a pillow can add just the refreshing energy that keeps a room from feeling boring to fun.And if you spend just a little time outdoors at this time of year, you'll see Mother Nature isn't afraid of a little color!

And if you would like to see a few more colorful rooms, check out my latest board on Pinterest.

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