Friday, August 31, 2018

Don't Make Labor Day About Labor

Don't make Labor Day about labor - at least not your own! While it is a day to honor working people, it is designed to be a holiday to have fun with friends and family. While that may mean entertaining, there are lots of ways to keep it simple so YOU can enjoy the day as well.

Make the menu simple. Shop at farmers' markets which are full of wonderful produce at this time of year. Grill corn on the cob, slice tomatoes with fresh mozzarella, and have watermelon, peaches, and other fresh fruit of the season for dessert. All you need to add are burgers.

Paper products are standard for barbecues but if you prefer being a little more eco-conscious use some of the great melamine patterned plates available now. If you can't find a pattern that works, simply use red, white, and blue. And instead of paper napkins, use dishtowels. Inexpensive and it doesn't matter if the barbecue sauce stains.

Have citronella-filled torches or candles to keep the bugs at bay. Not only are they mosquito protection, they will help light up the night as the party goes on. Or if you want some fun lighting, you could always use these star lights for a patriotic feel.

And finally, have plenty of pick-up games around. Croquet and bocce are entertaining for all ages. A couple of decks of cards (and someone who knows some easy, fun card games) works. And a few Frisbees are a must!

And finally, don't be afraid to ask for help. Have people bring their favorite picnic dish, assign people to prep and clean-up, ask your most fun friend to be in charge of games. And your Labor Day picnic becomes fun for everyone - including you!

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