Monday, September 23, 2013

Maybe You Need a Little Texture.......

Sometimes a room really seems to come together........except there's something that just seems to be missing. If you can't quite put your finger on it, that missing element may be texture.

Courtesy BHG
Texture can be easily overlooked so it often plays a quiet - but very important role - in our design plan. It creates interest, helps to set the mood of a room, and helps us to "feel" the room (because we remember how textures feel when we see them).

Typically, more traditional rooms have softer textures than those that are a bit more modern.Notice in the photo at left how the soft texture of the sofa contrasts nicely with the smoother texture of two of the throw pillows. The smoothness of the coffee table blends nicely with the textured sofa - and woven rug underneath adds another element. The smoothness of the lampshade helps balance the smoothness of the coffee table and the floral arrangements add their own very unique texture to the entire room.
Courtesy BHG

In a more contemporary room texture tends to play more of a minimalist role because of the sleekness of the style. However, even in this room, the chairs add a softness without the nubby comfort of the more traditional room. And all of the smoothness of the room is offset by the very plush rug, but without taking away from the contemporary look and feel of the room.

When incorporating texture into your room, keep in mind a few basic tips. Carry the texture story around the room, just like you do with the color story. Similar textures placed around the room will help carry your eye through the space, just as color does. In more colorful rooms, less is probably better with differing textures. The color statement may be so strong that a variety of textures may overwhelm the space. And finally, don't be afraid to do something a bit dramatic if it seems to be called for in the room. Just as that special accessory can add the punch a room needs, so can a very interesting texture.

If you'd like to see a few more examples of texture, check out my new board on Pinterest!

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