Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Pillows - A Definite Decorating Statement

A design tip I often hear (and use) is to make a quick but dramatic change to a room, change (or add) pillows. As we move into spring and summer, using this tip can move a room from drab winter into bright sun. These beautiful pillows from Company C will brighten any room! The colors are divine.......and will go with almost any neutral. In fact, with a solid fabric, you can use them all together to bring summer sun into a room. Are you working with a lot of pattern in the room? Then use them to keep the color story going, while toning down the pattern.

Do you prefer patterns to solids? If the background is solid, don't hesitate to mix and match different patterns to create interest. See how these patterned pillows from Pier 1 in various shades of green enliven a beige sofa? To keep things from getting too busy when you have lots of pillows, try using a pair or two. Just keep the pairs at opposite ends of the sofa or on different pieces of furniture in the room.

Even outdoor furniture needs pillows. While it's probably a good idea not to compete with the landscape, simple pillows in subtle colors can add softness, comfort, and interest to outdoor furniture. Look how these pillows make this seating area more comfortable and cozy, while blending with the beautiful view.

Just a few simple "rules" to follow: odd numbers of pillows are usually a bit more interesting as are pillows of different sizes. Just don't have too many different sizes - two usually works fine. And don't forget about texture! Vary the textures of the pillows with that of the fabric they are on - and with each other. Then sink into the sofa and say "ahhhh". And if you like these ideas, visit my Decorating with Pillows board on Pinterest!


  1. If anyone gets all the stuff you have written here it is me.My sofa set is a plain dark brown while the walls are boring cream.I needed to add some color and life to my living room so i went with a mix of different colors and prints.I love the results.The best part is that its really one of the cheapest way to add zing to a room.Actually i just bought pillow covers and changed the whole look of the room.My friends love it and some have been asking me to advise them on home decor.Now I have you to guide me.(intern from afar)

  2. I'll bet it looks great! And what an easy change......when you get tired of them, you just do something different. Glad I could help.